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7 Plants Your Boyfriend Can’t Kill


Moving in with your significant other is a big deal. It’s exciting, and scary, and takes a bit of adjustment. If you’re currently faced with the prospect and reeling at the thought, calm your inner Monica.


She may be cringing and screaming “and I have to live with a BOY!”, but, honestly, it’s not so bad. Rachel is totally right when she tells Monica it’s going to be fine.

That said; there will be a teething period.

At some point, he will probably shrink a favourite outfit of yours. He will almost definitely use your twenty-quid tweezers during an ill-advised DIY project of some description. If you’re a plant lover, however, all is not lost. There are goof-proof plants that will survive your well-meaning OH, and here’s a list of seven to get you started turning your house into a home together:

1. Tarzan Banana Plant

Sometimes, subtlety is not the way to go when you’re cohabiting. The Tarzan Banana Plant is both hardy and hard to miss. It’s striking, floorstanding and tall, but it only needs to be watered once per week. Maybe agree that one of you will water it before each new episode of your favourite show. That done, you simply leave it somewhere bright to soak up the sunlight and grow, grow, grow. You’ll have his parents and your parents fooled that you’re functioning adults in no time.

2. Ficus elastica

More commonly known as the rubber plant, this ficus also only needs to be watered once a week, making it nice and easy to manage for new plant parents. It has the added benefit of being air purifying, so even anything noxious that your new housemate –ahem– emits won’t bother this tough little plant. It likes indirect light and will grow well in most rooms, maybe even producing little fig-like fruit eventually. You’ll be so proud!

3. Aloe vera

This is a plant that your fella has most likely heard of, even if he’s not a green thumb. Known for its medicinal and skincare properties, aloe vera may not seem like the immediate choice for tough-as-nails houseplant, but it most certainly is. If you and your other half are especially busy or distracted, aloe vera just needs plenty of light and watering once every couple of weeks.

4. Mother-in-Law’s Tongue

In time, the subject of mother-in-laws may well become a hot button issue between you and your boyfriend, but we very much doubt you’ll fight over this low-maintenance plant. It has leaves which are shaped like swords tinged with gold and it’ll be happy anywhere in your love nest bar the bathroom. It needs warmth and sunlight, so make sure to keep it near a window, but it’s the lowest maintenance on our list so far since it only needs watering roughly every three weeks.

5. Pittsburgh Ivy

Ivies can be left almost entirely to their own devices and this one will quickly get to work wrapping itself lovingly around its surroundings. Pittsburgh Ivy both climbs and trails, adapting to its environment and spreading vibrant greenery and fresh air as it goes. This plant prefers the shade and needs to be sprayed with water about once per week.

6. The Big Cheese

When a plant has the word big in its name, you can be sure that will be pretty tricky for you both to forget about it. The “cheese” in its name is also no great mystery, referring to the distinctive shape of its leaves, which are filled with “holes” and are rich green in colour. To get the most out of this plant, it’s best to situate it in a warm, shady spot. Caring for it couldn’t be simpler, either: it just needs watering and misting once a fortnight.

7. Grand Dubai Kentia Palm

Like the Tarzan Banana Plant that kicked off our list, the Grand Dubai or Kentia Palm plant commands attention in a room, meaning that hopefully remembering to water it won’t be difficult. It’s a once a week job to maintain it with a quick water and spritz of the leaves to keep them looking lush. The Kentia Palm can reach a height of over six metres, so curl up on the couch and admire it together until you can get off to cuddle under other palm plants.

Becoming plant parents is a big step, but with these seven tough-but-gorgeous options, you don’t have to worry quite so much about the fact that you have to live with a boy. Listen to Rachel: it’ll be fine. You can definitely find a plant on this list that you can keep alive together.

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