How to Care for Plants

How Does Calcium Affect My Indoor Plant?


Just like humans, plants need & love calcium! If your plant hasn’t grow in weeks or the leaves have started to curl inwards, your plant probably has a calcium deficiency.

Calcium is really important as it regulates the transport of other nutrients in your plant. There are 17 essential nutrients that plants need to live longer & grow quicker!

What Are The Signs That My Plant Needs More Calcium?

> Really slow growth

> No growth at all

> Plant leaves start to curl inwards

> The stems of your plant tend to have a black tint

How Can I Give My Plant More Calcium

Our Biostimulant Indoor Plant Food is one of the best ways to give your indoor plant all of the essential nutrients it needs to live longer and grow quicker, including all the Calcium it needs.

Just add our indoor plant food to water once a week & water your plants as normal. Within weeks your plants should look happier & healthier, with your leaves going back to their normal shape!

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