How to Care for Plants

How Does Nitrogen Affect My Indoor Plant?


Is your plant growing slowly, are it’s leaves loosing colour and starting to look like they are dying? Your plant could have a Nitrogen deficiency, one of the most important macronutrients for your plant.

Plants get most of their Nitrogren from the soil, so it’s really important that you have good quality soil & use indoor plant food each time you water your plant. This should give your plant all of the Nitrogen it needs with any extra hassle or fuss.

What Are Signs That My Plant Needs More Nitrogen?

> Stunted Growth

> Slow Growth

> Discoloured Leaves

> A Purple Tint on the Stems

How Can I Give My Plant More Nitrogen?

Our Biostimulant Indoor Plant Food is one of the best ways to give your indoor plant all of the essential nutrients it needs to live longer and grow quicker.

Just add our indoor plant food to water once a week & water your plants as normal. Within weeks your plants should look happier & healthier

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