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How To Keep a Blue Star Fern Phlebodium Aureum Plant Alive


The Blue Fern Phlebodium Aureum might just be the perfect side man or side woman to all your indoor plants.

It’s that friend in the party who just wants to chill in the corner.

Doesn’t want any direct light or attention, is shy but is full of personality once you give it a chance.

Party talk aside as COVID lockdown is real

The blue fern has beautiful long sprawling leaves.

It loves moist soil, so give yours a water once a week with just a bit of indoor plant food.

Also give it’s leaves a spray or shower every two weeks as it loves humidity.

Oh and…make sure you water it around the sides of the soil, rather than just pouring water all over the leaves

Preferred Light Conditions for a Phlebodium Aureum Plant

Phlebodium Aureum plants love being in the shade, away from direct sunlight. If you start to see the leaves of your blue star fern start to turn brown, it may be getting too much directly sunlight, which is slowly burning it’s leaves.

How Often Should I Water My Phlebodium Aureum Plant?

Blue Star Ferns really hate sitting in a pool of water, but they really like when you keep their soil moist. Water your Blue Star Fern once a week with some of our biostimulant indoor plant food solution. It will give your Blue Star Fern plant all the nutrients it needs to grow and survive a bit of owner neglect.

Are Phlebodium Aureum Plants Easy to Look After?

Blue Star Fern plants are very easy to look after, just water it weekly and give it’s leaves a spray as Phlebodium Aureum Plants love humidity.

Is My Phlebodium Aureum Plant Safe for Children & Pets?

Blue Star Fern plants are safe for both children and pets, so are perfect for both the house & the office.

Watch our Phlebodium Aureum Plant Care Advice Video by The Plantsman

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