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How to Keep a Monstera Plant Alive


This majestic being is our of my favourite plants, the mighty Monstera Deliciosa, also known as the Swiss Cheese Plant.

Monsteras love being in sunny room, but always want to chill in the shade. They love to climb so will always grow towards the light.

It’s leaves are supreme, so every 2 weeks, give them a little wipe to knock off the dust and spray them with a bit of water. Give your Monstera a water once a week, with some of our indoor plant food, to keep it happy & healthy.

Oh and the sap inside Monstera leaves is toxic, so keep it away from hungry dogs & cats!

Preferred Light Conditions for a Monstera

The Monstera Deliciosa prefers chilling in the shade. Keep it out of direct sunlight then sit back and watch it grow towards the light!

How Often Should I Water My Monstera?

We always recommend that you water your Monstera once a week with some of our indoor plant food, and then spray each of the leaves with water once every two weeks.

Is My Monstera Safe for Children & Pets?

The sap inside Monstera leaves and Monstera stems is toxic, so we always recommend that you keep your Monstera away from children & plants.

Popular Questions About Indoor Monstera Plants

The Leaves On My Monstera Are Turning Brown & The Edges Are Starting to Dry

This usually means that your plant is not being watered enough, your plant is crying out for water & nutrients. Use our indoor plant food weekly to stop the rest of the leaves turning brown.

My Monstera is Starting to Wilt & Sag

This usually happens when your Monstera has outgrown it’s current pot. Check it’s roots to see if they have been pot bound & then re-pot into a slightly bigger planter

The Leaves on My Monstera Are Starting to Turn Yellow

This could be a sign that your Monstera has a Sulfur (S) deficiency, it is lacking one of it’s essential macronutrients. Our indoor plant food has been formulated to give your Monstera all 17 of the essential macronutrients & micronutrients it needs.

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Watch our Monstera Plant Care Advice Video by The Plantsman

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