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How To Keep a Peace Lily Alive


Keeping a Peace Lily indoor plant alive is both a science and an art form! It is just not that easy, and watching its beautiful white flowers wither away and turn brown can crush the ego of any plant lover.

So, we have teamed up with The Plantsman to give you six amazing tips that you can use to keep your Peace Lily indoor plant happy and healthy.

Indirect Sunlight

Peace Lilies love indirect sunlight and really really hate direct sunlight. Popping it on a window sill could be one of the quickest ways to kill your beautiful plant. There are a few signs you can look out for to let you know when your Peace Lily needs to be moved:

  • The leaves are turning yellow – This usually means that your Peace Lily is getting too much light. Pop it into a spot with a bit more shade as soon as you see the leaves starting to turn yellow.
  • The leaves are turning brown – The leaves of your Peace Lily are burning from too much direct sunlight. The moment you see this, pick it up and move it to another spot right away.

Moist Soil

Keeping the soil of a Peace Lily moist is one of the most important things you can do to keep your Peace Lily happy and healthy. Just make sure you allow the top layer of your soil to dry a little bit before you water it again.

Keep It Warm

Peace Lilies love to be comfy & warm, so make sure you pop your Peace Lily in a warm indoor spot. Between 18-24°C is the perfect temperature for your beautiful plant.

Give It a Shower

Spray your Peace Lily with water & plant food once a week to keep its leaves looking vibrant, healthy and lush. The humidity really helps to keep your Peace Lily happy and healthy.

Are Your Flowers Turning Brown?

The flowers on a Peace Lily have a really short lifespan, so don’t worry if yours start to turn brown quickly. When they start to turn brown, just cut the flower off at the base of the stem and avoid getting emotionally attached to the flower, another will grow back soon.

Are Your Leaves Drooping?

A Peace Lily can start to look a little sad every now and then. If the leaves of your Peace Lily are starting to droop, it is usually a sign that it just needs a bit more water & plant food. Feed your hungry plant and over the next 1-2 hours you should start to see your Peace Lily perk up!


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