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How to Keep a Pilea Plant Alive


This stunning piece of greenery is a Pilea, but most people will know it as a Chinese Money Plant. SCI-FI lovers might also know it as the UFO plant, as it’s leaves   look like flying saucers.

It’s really delicate and a clumsy knock can see one of the saucer leaves fly off! But…it’s also really easy to look after.

 Pilea’s love to be in a shady spot of a room full of light. It hates window sills with direct sunlight. The Pilea likes to dry out a bit in between each weekly watering, so before you use your plant food just make sure the soil isn’t already soggy.

After you’ve watered it, empty out any excess water that you find in your bottom dish. Then give the leaves a little spray with the plant food solution to keep your leaves happy & healthy! 

Perfect Light Conditions for a Pilea

Pilea’s really hate direct sunlight & you will see you leaves start to turn brown if you leave it on a window sill with direct sunlight. Pop it in a shady spot of a room with lots of natural light.

How Often Should I Water My Pilea?

Pilea’s are not very needy and prefer if you let their soil dry out a bit in between each watering session. Watering your Pilea once a week with some of our biostimulant indoor plant food should give your Pilea everything it needs to grow with minimal time & effort from you.

Is My Pilea Safe for Children & Pets?

Pilea’s are not toxic to cats, dogs, children and other pets! So they are perfect to keep around the house without worrying about your supreme-green-dream harming anything!

Watch our Pilea Plant Care Advice Video by The Plantsman

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