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How to Keep a Snake Plant Alive


If you’re a plant newbie or a serial plant killer, the Dracena Trifasciata (Snake Plant), is perfect for you!

It’s known by quite a few different names:

  • Sansevieria
  • Snake Plant
  • Mother-In -Laws Tongue
  • Viper’s Bowstring
  • The Beautiful Green Cockroach

Yes, I might have made the last one up!

But essentially, it’s virtually indestructible & an excellent air purifier.

You can pop your Snake Plant just about anywhere in your room. We’re talking low light, direct sunlight or even somewhere in between!

Overwatering & leaving your Snake Plant outside in the snow are pretty much two of the only ways you can kill this majestic plant.

Allow the soil to dry in between waterings & use some plant food to keep it happy & healthy.

Preferred Light Conditions for a Snake Plant

Snakes Plants are pretty much the perfect plant for all beautiful indoor spaces – home or office. Whether you have a lot of light in your room or a little bit of light in your room, Snake Plants are always happy & healthy.

How Often Should I Water My Snake Plant?

Snake Plants hate being overwatered & prefer for you to leave it’s soil to dry before you water it again. We recommend that you water your Snake Plant once a month with some of our biostimulant indoor plant food solution. It will give your Snake Plant all the nutrients it needs to grow and survive a bit of owner neglect.

Are Snake Plants Easy to Look After?

Snake Plants are perfect for new plant owners & really busy people as they are extremely easy to look after.

Is My Snake Plant Safe for Children & Pets?

Snake Plants are poisonous if eaten, so should be kept away from children and pets! Snake Plants can cause your dog or cat to vomit & have diarrhoea, which is no fun at all.

Watch our Snake Plant Care Advice Video by The Plantsman

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