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How To Keep a Calathea Lancifolia Rattle Snake Plant Alive


The stunning Calathea lancifolia, otherwise known as the rattle snake plant. Is the perfect addition to any beautiful indoor space.

The combination of vibrant green leaves and a deep red underside, make this instagrammable brazilian show stopper one of my favourite plants

The rattlesnake plant loves indirect sunlight, so pop it in a bright space.

It’s a little temperamental and hates both very wet soil & dry I don’t love you very much dry soil.

So, water it once a week with some plant food and your rattle snake plant should look supreme.

Preferred Light Conditions for a Calathea Lancifolia Rattle Snake Plant

Rattle Snake plants love being in a bright sunny room but hate direct sunlight. This will make it’s leaves start to fade and loose their beautiful rattle snake style markings.

How Often Should I Water My Calathea Lancifolia Rattle Snake Plant?

One thing to avoid with your Rattle Snake plant is to have it sitting in a pool of water or having its soil very wet. It loves to have it’s soil slightly damp but not soaking. Water your Rattle Snake plant once a week with some of our biostimulant indoor plant food solution. It will give your Rattle Snake plant all the nutrients it needs to grow and survive a bit of owner neglect.

Are Calathea Lancifolia Rattle Snake Plants Easy to Look After?

Rattle Snake plants need a bit of attention to ensure it is happy & healthy. Alongside watering it weekly, it also needs to be sprayed weekly as it loves humidity. Giving the leaves of your Rattle Snake plant once a week a wipe will keep the leaves dust-free and looking glorious.

Is My Calathea Lancifolia Rattle Snake Plant Safe for Children & Pets?

Rattle Snake Plants are not very toxic to pets, so they are relatively safe for most places in your house or office.

Watch our Calathea Lancifolia Rattle Snake Plant Care Advice Video by The Plantsman

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