How to Care for Plants

New Indoor Plant? Here Are Three Little Tips

Have you just ordered a new indoor plant or are you planning on picking one up from your local indoor plant shop?

How you treat your plant in the first couple hours of getting it, can have a major impact on whether it flourishes into a supreme green peacock, or withers away like Lord Voldemort! So we’ve put together three simple tips that can help you make sure your new plant is happy in it’s new home.

Read The Label On Your Plant Pot

This could be one of the most important tips that you’ll get about plant care. The label on your new plant should tell you exactly how often your plant loves to be watered and how much light it needs to be happy. If you follow this advice your plant should be happy & healthy in your new home.

Clean The Leaves Of Your Plant

The leaves of your new plant could be home to bugs and pests! Untreated they could hop over to your other plants and slowly destroy your family of beautiful indoor plants. We always recommend that you give your leaves a good spray and a gentle wipe BEFORE bringing them into your home. Leaving the bugs and pests outside and your plants safe inside.

Feed Your Plant

Every time an indoor plant is watered, nutrients slowly drain from it’s soil. Your plant has probably been chilling with 100 other plants, waiting to be adopted. So, it might not have experienced the same level of love that you’re about to shower it with. Give your hungry plant some indoor plant food as soon as you have it settled in your new home, this will help it adjust, settle and grow into it’s new space.


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