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TPFC Indoor Plant Food Solution

Our indoor plant food solution has everything you need to grow happy & healthy plants. No more brown leaves, sad looking branches or embarrassingly dead plants. We make it easy to have strong, green stunning indoor plants, with minimal effort & hassle. Each bottle is full of all of the macronutrients and micronutrients that are essential for healthy indoor plants.

How to Use Our Plant Food

Just add your weekly dose of our plant food solution to 1 litre of water & distribute generously among your plants

What's Inside Our Plant Food Solution


  • Nitrogen (N)
  • Phosphorus (P)
  • Potassium (K)
  • Calcium (Ca)
  • Sulfur (S)
  • Magnesium (Mg)
  • Carbon (C)
  • Hydrogen (H)


  • Iron (Fe)
  • Boron (B)
  • Chlorine (Cl)
  • Manganese (Mn)
  • Zinc (Zn)
  • Copper (Cu)
  • Molybdenum (Mo)
  • Nickel (Ni)

What Type of Plants Can I Use This On?

  • Green House Plants
  • Flowering Plants
  • Ferns
  • Cactus Plants
  • Succulents
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